Tourism Strategies

Tourists include individuals from outside the community such as shoppers, visitors, travelers, sightseers, etc. They may be vacationing or attending an athletic event, business meeting, summer camp, or enjoying a local festival. Communities with specialized medical facilities, athletic training venues, etc. also stand to benefit from visitor spending.

Spending at tourism venues, shops, restaurants and overnight accommodations attracts money to the local economy. Magnetic Communities recognize that tourism without spending produces no economic benefit! If the overall tourism goal is to attract money, then increasing tourist spending must be the primary objective.

Tourists Purchase Goods & Services from Local Businesses

When tourists purchase goods and services from local businesses, both the local businesses and the local economy are better off and have more money to spend.  

Attract Money Strategies

  • Increase tourist spending.
  • Market the community.
  • Develop and build a community brand.
  • Improve the overall experience.
  • Increase the length of stay.
  • Develop regional alliances and cooperation.
  • Increase the number and quality of attractions.
  • Increase the number of spending opportunities.
  • Increase the value of products and services.
  • Recruit, expand, retain and start businesses that make and/or sell products and provide services to tourists.
  • Assist local businesses sell to tourists.

Retain Money Strategies

  • Increase the number of locally produced and grown products available for sale to tourists.
  • Increase the number of locally owned and operated businesses selling products and services to tourists.
  • Assist tourism related businesses hire local workers and purchase materials, products, supplies and services locally.