Revenue Attraction

Increase the number of retirees and related revenue The obvious revenue attraction strategy is to increase the number of retirees who have money to spend locally. Retirees bring new money to a community in the form of pensions, savings, Social Security, Medicare/Medicaid, business income, etc.

Recruit younger, amenity-seeking retirees to the community Retirees who move from one location to another for retirement are usually younger, healthier, and wealthier. They are generally looking for a warmer climate, scenic beauty, good health care, low cost of living, low crime rates, a variety of housing options, etc. If a community has some or all of these amenities, retiree attraction is a strategy to consider.

When marketing the community, it is important not to overlook the obvious. Local leaders and residents accustomed to mild climates, scenic beauty, and an array of outdoor recreational opportunities may not see these as retirement assets, but rather as something enjoyed by all communities.

Develop a senior friendly retirement environment Communities that plan and design neighborhoods with seniors in mind usually create environments welcomed by all residents. Senior friendly communities attract retirees, their income streams and their assets. Some localities have developed certified retirement community designations to assist communities identify and implement strategies that attract retirees.