Revenue Attraction

Increase the number of out-commutersResidents who physically work outside the community attract new money to the local economy when they spend their paychecks locally. Many prosperous suburban communities embrace the idea of being a bedroom community for nearby urban employment centers. Aggressive community development efforts that provide an excellent quality of life provide the incentives communities need to recruit and retain residents.

Increase the number of residents paid from outside sources These residents work locally but are paid from sources outside the local economy. Sources include: Federal workers (military, VA), state workers (DOT, school teachers), college and university employees, specialty medical services, etc. Also included are residents who telecommute, are self-employed creative sector employees, and regional sales representatives. Again, aggressive community development efforts that provide an excellent quality of life provide the incentive needed to recruit and retain existing workers paid from outside sources.

Lobby Federal and state elected officials to increase the number of government facilities and related workers in the community All communities have residents and businesses that pay taxes to Federal and state governments. The expectation is that these funds will be used to benefit communities in a fair and equitable manner. If your community is not receiving in return its fair share of tax dollars, it may be time to lobby your elected officials to correct the situation.

Increase the amount of government transfer payments Poor communities are a reality in today’s world. Many times, the best strategy for increasing levels of income and prosperity is to insure that residents are taking advantage of existing assistance programs such as welfare, unemployment, and food stamps (Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, SNAP).